Classic Style Choices For Long Hair – Easy Ways To Arrange A New Look

One of the best things about long hair is the different looks and feels you can get; for total effect, long hair can do things that short hair can’t, but it can also mimic short hair. One of the most famous scenes in Hollywood is Rita Hayworth shaking her hair loose from an updo or a bun, and it has been repeated again and again throughout our culture.

That is how quick a transformation can take lace, though – although it does take quite a bit of practice to make it look as smooth as it does in the movies. Your hair pulled back into a small tight bun on the back of the head is nothing but business. Couple it with a power suit and you are ready to roll in any high rise in the country.

But, a few minutes in the bathroom and a little black dress, and a transformation has been made. That is the power of long hair; more than any other style, it can go through transformational changes. We’re going to go through some of them today!

Of course, we have to start with the first one – loose, hanging and free. The way your hair is cut and layered can make subtle differences with this look. Some choose bangs, some keep it the same length from front to back and some have the classic inverted V shape, shortest in front and growing longer as it goes over the shoulder and around the back, making a nice layered look.

Loose Braid: This is an easy style, and is more of a ‘keep it out of my way’ style, but when combined with the right outfit, with stray strands of hair hanging outside the braid making it look a bit tussled and mussy.

Top Knots: his style can take a lot of different forms. The tighter the hair and the further towards the back, the more business like it will be; the higher on the head, depending on how tightly you make the knot and the exact shape can be at home from haute couture gowns to a Halloween Genie costume.

Plaited Top Knot, Plait: Nicole Ritchie makes this style her own but it has been worn by many different models and stars. It looks fabulous in a ball gown ort prom dress, or it can look right at home in cutoffs and a t-shirt too; just braid the plaits a little less tight for a laid back effect. This is also related to the braided bun, which Vanessa Hudgens wears to such effect!

Fringed and banged bun: This is a fun style, and allows you to play with your bangs or if you have an inverted V cut with the parts of your hair that are not as long. It can make a sexy, wispy look that goes good with a black dress or a colorful spring dress.

For a sultry look that will go great with an off the shoulder red gown and layered necklaces, try the braid-detail side swept up do. This fusion piece can be picked apart for a wild, on the fly look or slicked down for the most formal of the dance completions. This hairdo has been around for a long time, and it is easy to see why. Do it and it is set for the night, and as it get slightly messier it gets proportionately hotter.

This has covered some of the classic looks – we didn’t get into the highly formed do’s; that will be saved for another day, but this will give you some ideas of how to put that long hair to use!