How to Wear Your Long Hair in 2013


So you have chosen to sport long hair this year? Great idea ladies but have you decided how would you style your hair each day? If not, then read on to a guide of long hairstyles. Often, we go and get a haircut and then stay perplexed why to sport the same old look each day. Therefore, styling comes handy. Lets learn about all the styling that you can do to get a new look each day of the week.

Day 1- Braid it! Braids are the hottest trends in this season and if you have learn how to make a French braid or a fishtail braid; you will be classified as a diva in your own right. Though braiding takes time, this is one hairstyle that can turn heads and make you feel awesome at the same time. They suit most of the face shapes and you can team a braid with any formal or casual attire easily.

Day 2- This is a day for vintage waves. If your hair is a little longer than your shoulder, then this is one hairstyle that will make the deal for you. Simply use some mousse or hair styling gel to create this look with the help of a curling iron. Then use some hair spray and you have the most killer hair for the day.

Day 3- Longer hair sometimes tends to wave at the ends. Why not take advantage of the situation and get ready with a round brush and some hair spray. If you have layered hair, this style will give the best results as each strand is carefully curved outwards to give your hair a ‘bang on’ look. Plus, your features get highlighted with ease.

Day 4- Side Ponytails are worth a try. You just have to gather some hair and tuck it at one side of the hair loosely and you look glam in a jiffy. However, if you have some more time you can plait a small braid beginning at the other end that blends into your pony. This would add some texture to your hair. Moreover, try to tie your hair with a longer hair strand. It’s in this season.

Day 5- Side swept fringes with some curls at the end will be great for your hair. Make sure that the fringes are long enough and cover a significant part of your forehead, falling just above one eyebrow. Even if it goes down any further, you can use your hands to make them sit back, creating even more voluminous bangs in the process.

Day 6- The bun will be a great option. This year will be dedicated entirely to the high placed buns so make sure you try them on. It’s so slick, modern yet classy that it would make you look like a goddess within minutes. Occasional braiding of a few strands in the bun or a completely braided bun is also great.

Day 7- Enough styling for six days. Leave the hair as it is and add some mousse or hair protein to the mane. Crunch it up with your hands a little and you have that ‘straight outta bed’ look without bothering your hair much.

Best Hairstyles of all Time

Long hair never goes out of fashion. No matter how many styles enter the hair and beauty scene, there is something about long hair that makes it a favorite among all. You can color it, style it, curl it or straighten it. If you have long hair, chances are that you would have a long list of hairstyles too. Have you ever wondered what the most celebrated long hairstyles of all time are? Browse through and learn more.

  • Fishtail Braid- there is no better way to flaunt your straight, long and strong hair than a fishtail braid. The detailing of this hairstyle is so amazing that it always gets to turn heads. You can either make a low key braid at the back of your neck or go for a high ponytail that converts into a braid. Also, try an angled braid that starts at your forehead and ends below your shoulders.
  • Messy- There is no physiological reasons why guys love this hairstyle, but then the facts never lie. Simply use a salt-water spray or a styling gel and spread it all over your hair. Also, try to lightly press some parts of your hair so that it looks all messed up. Part from the side you normally don’t and see the magic. Kirsten Stewart is in a run for money.
  • Bangs- No more straight long locks. Simply get a few bangs cut on the front portion of your hair and make sure your full forehead is covered. This hairstyle is ideal for women with long hair and a broad forehead. It will give your hair some extra oomph and your face will get an all new look.
  • Swipes and Curls- No heavy duty styling here. Keep it straight and add just a hint of locks in the end. They must appear like little ringlets. Just use a styling brush and a blow dryer along with some hair spray to keep it in place and you are ready for the most svelte and seductive look on the planet.
  • The Ponytail- did we forget to mention how this godly hairstyle was designed only for the long hair you don on your head. Be it curls or straight hair or even some waves towards the end, this is one classic that no woman should miss. It suits everybody and is so easy that instant ramen noodles can get a complex. Also, it makes you look either like a no-nonsense power woman or the happy-go-lucky neighborhood girl. Everything works just fine.

So You Have Long Hair – Now What? Curls And Bangs Are In The Cards!

You have been taking care of your hair for years now – resisting the urge to perm or highlight, using a good, natural brand of conditioner and moisturizer and shampooing no more than once a week.

Curls are one great thing you can do; they are easy, they gradually loosen which allows for other style choices, and they are fairly easy to re-activate. Of course, for some hair types curling does not work out as well but there are always some options.

The first style we will be going after goes great with an oval face shape and long hair (blonde, chestnut, brunette or red head, it doesn’t matter!

The first step on this curling adventure is this; you will need a blow-dryer, a curling iron with a ¾ inch barrel and a leave-in conditioner.

Make sure your hair is completely dry – using a hot curling iron on wet hair can cause the strands to break. I would wash and deep condition the hair the day before curling, or soon enough so that it can completely dry so it is in as lustrous a shape as possible.

Comb and brush your hair – a boar bristle brush is the best for long hair – to completely smooth it. You can use a bit of spray in conditioner at this stage also.

The ¾ inch curling iron is great for making soft, cascading curls – get a small section of hair and secure the end inside the curling irons’ barrel, then hold the iron at a slight angle and roll the hair up until it is an inch away from your scalp.

After rolling up, hold for about five seconds, release the hair and slide the barrel out. Continue in small sections all the way around your head until your whole head is done, and then you can tease the curls and comb them out until you reach the desired effect. Obviously, this will not last like a perm but it also does much less damage to your hair.

The bangs are also something you can change fairly easily now that your hair has grown out; just keep in mind, once you cut the bangs if you want to go back to no bangs it is a long process, but one that can be done fairly easily. A blunt bang is the type most often worn by Taylor Swift. It covers your forehead usually down to the eyebrows. This style of bang will make your hair appear full and strong, but works best for smooth locks. Tyra Banks is also a great example of this cut!

If you have wavy or tousled hair, a wispy cut bang works excellently and goes with any number of outfits; for laid back chic and a tousled bed head look, the wispy bangs can’t be beat. Hillary Duff has pulled this look off with aplomb.

Long side and sweeping bangs scream sexy and classy; let one side hang down to obscure the side of your face to peel out from, and gather or let the sweeping hair escape for a laid back ‘strands loose’ look that will make any long gown look even better – try some nice dangly earrings with these bang styles to!

The best thing about long hair is its versatility; try new styles and curls and mini cuts to your bangs and the front sections, but don’t forget to use lots of conditioner, don’t perm or color it often. And most of all, try lots of different styles to find the one that makes you think you are the best looking you have ever been!