Tips On Growing Long Hair; How To Get A Healthy Mane!

At one time or another many women decide they want long hair. But, something usually happens along the way and they decide; OK, this is long enough!

Many times, the reason for this early admission of ‘victory’ is the fact that as their hair grows in length, when it starts to get past the shoulders the trouble spots on long hair start to show up. Without vigilance, hair can dry out and this causes split ends and hair breaks.

Of course, it is often over vigilance that causes the problem. Chances are, you are shampooing too much and not moisturizing with a healthy moisturizer enough. The main thing you can do to make sure your moisturizer is doing your hair good is to make sure that it does not contain any harsh products. Shea butter works well, and there are some other all natural moisturizing alternatives.

Trim your hair as often as you need to (or as little – it could be months before you need a cut, Just read on!)If your hair does develop dry end or split ends, trim as little as possible – sometimes 1/8 of an inch is all you will need to cut off. The point of these trims is not to ‘cut’ your hair in the traditional sense – it is merely to get rid of that smallest amount of hair possible so that the entire hair is healthy.

Brush your hair regularly and thoroughly. I am sure most of us can remember seeing in movies or hearing our moms or grand moms say, ‘Brush your hair 100 times every night!’

Well, it turns out they knew what they were talking about – maybe not quite a hundred times, though. 30 or 40 should be more than enough.

The scalp produces natural oils which help keep hair healthy – the longer it is, the more thorough you should be about brushing it as this will spread the natural oil throughout the follicle. And, this is a good time to address shampooing as well. While you don’t want your hair to be dirty, you don’t want to over clean it either. The strips those natural oils away, and that makes your hair much more brittle and dry.

So, about once a week is enough for cleaning. Rinse and moisturize or condition more often, and make sure you follow the same rules in your choice of shampoo as you did in moisturizer.

Read the labels carefully, and if you have any questions you can always go online to check out the ingredients. Depending on where you live and the stores you shop at (or that are available), you might need to order from the internet or go to a health food store. They usually have some great products!

Choosing the right do and pampering your hair as it gets longer is essential – think about using a bonnet for sleeping, and as you go through the day realize that braids or updos supply much more support for your hair. Choosing the right brush is another of those things that long hair makes necessary. Usually a boar bristle brush is going to be your best bet as they are nice and gentle. A standard paddle brush is an excellent choice for long hair.

Long hair definitely takes some planning and dedication. You simply have to resist the urge to do to much with it until you reach your ultimate goal. With these tips and some good common sense on perms or die jobs (they are both terrible for your hair), by this time next year you will be sporting much longer hair.

And then just think what you can do with it!