New Cuts For The New Year – What’s In And Out In Long Hair, And Finding Your Best Style

Style in hair is a quicksilver vein that floats from the halls of Tinsel Town; look at stars, look at the runways of New York or the photographed fashionistas. There is always a wide choice of styles for your long hair, from Scarlett Johansson and Selma Hayek’s classic wave, where the hair falls in gentle waves from the face. This general, slightly layered hair can take a lot of formulations, from braids to French knots, casual updos or ponytails.

On the runway this year, a straighter look is dominating as well as a deep side part on many different models – the side part is showing up on shorter cuts to. With long hair it is a classic look that depending on your hair will take a bit of product to keep in place.

A straighter, natural style is in and it is one which if done right looks spot on with the deep part; check out runway pictures for some perfect examples of this – if you have long hair it might be something that you want to try. Use a quality volumizing mousse to keep things natural looking but in place; some flyaway is OK as it give a very natural feel. The goal with many long hair styles is to just look as though it happened that way (don’t tell the guys!).

Bangs are in and out, but some people just make them work – Taylor Swift, like her or not, knows how to rock the bangs, but Gwen Stefani is another great example of the laid back look (without the side part). She kept her long blond hair in loose, slightly curled waves at the American Music Awards. This style is in style no matter what; natural, luscious long hair.

Most places you look, long hair this year in being worn in more simple ways, like Hayden Panettiere’s loose ponytails with a few strands escaping. This look when pulled off properly is deadly sexy (of course, it does help if you look like Hayden!).

To decide on your best style, look at a lot of photos, and then take a clear look at your own hair; what type is it, how smooth is it? Is it naturally curly or straight? Is it naturally dry and frizzy or oily?

Your face shape will also come into play – some styles just look better on an oval or heart shaped face. With thinner hair, longer styles will take a bit more effort as it can tend to start looking stringy. Once you get this hair to the proper length, layer it to add fullness and add curls and waves.

If you have nice straight hair, bangs are a possibility, but if your hair is frizzy curly or coarse bangs may be a mistake; the bang might be frizzy instead of hot.

These days, long hair can be anything from shoulder length down; it will depend on your body, face and hairstyle that determines just how long you can go and still look your best. Any style you like and wear in confidence is yours – that’s the great things about style!