7 Great Vintage Updo’s

Can there be a better idea than getting a retro or vintage updo hairstyle for your wedding or prom night? Well, OK it’s not for everyone but they are worth considering and are not just for themed events. If you are lacking inspiration don’t worry as we’ll cover some of the best vintage updos for you here.

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The 20’s retro bun. If you have a slender figure and a long neck or face then this hairstyle will suite you well. You just have to make a bun on the top of your crown. All your hair will be neatly pulled in order to make this, you can make as small or as large as you like also you could augment it with a hair donut, whatever works best for you and your hair length. Use curling irons to make finger curls in long bangs. Hair spray and a few clips are enough to keep this stunning and quirky updo. If you are wearing a sleek backless gown this is one style that you should at least consider. Freida PintoThe braided bun updo. Take some grains of of inspiration from Freida Pinto and try a fully braided vintage updo. This style is pretty much exlusively for ladies who have long and thick hair. Simply make three to five different braids and arrange them all together in a circular bun and you are ready to dazzle. This innovative and intricate style catches a lot of attention. Puff updoThe puff updo with or without a bun. Whether to go with a bun or how high to put it, if you do, is dependent on the occasion and the time available. To get this style you will have to make three to four sections of your hair. First of all, take flicks from the front and arrange them with a clip. Divide hair at the back of your hair in two parts, horizontally just below the ears. The topmost one third has to be puffed up with the help of a hair accessory or pin. Go as big as you like, it’s your night after all. Then either leave it straight or carefully use the last two-third of the hair and make a messy twisted bun just above the nape of the neck or a neater one higher up. Use the hair flicks at the front to cover all the pins used in the bun. You could also wear a braided band to give it a super-hot look.   vr2vrVictory Rolls. Named and popular during World War II these can take many forms the most common one being a single curl like a flicked bang. Other variations include multiple curls and the addition of accessories. The curl can have differing elevation and orientation we found this video channel had helpful guides. fbFishtail updo. Again many different variations but the simplest is to start making two fishtail braids on either side of the head. Possibly leave a small bang at the front to provide some dramatized texture to the face. As soon as both the braids meet at the middle of the head, simply roll them together and make a small up do style at the end. You don’t need really long hair for this style however if you have then you could make a small bun at the end or pull the braids for another pass across the forehead. u4   The loose updo. Now we get to a classical vintage style that has roots in many an era, Roman, Georgian and Victorian times, to name but a few, all had their contribution to this look. Straighten your hair in the first instance and then leave a small section to form the parting. Take the rest of the hair and arrange a very loose, almost hanging bun at the nape of your neck or pin it up if you have limited hair length. As soon as this is done, you are free to roll and curl the loose bits hair at the parting in a signature vintage ocean wave style or spirals.   Last but very far from the least is the Beehive. This is a truly iconic 60’s look that has stood the test of time that you can sport at your event. Modern exponents of the beehive include Lady Gaga and the late Amy Winehouse. You don’t have to go to those extremes though, a modest ‘hive is always chic. Traditionally this style has bangs or long bangs with a parting but an unfringed version is also effective. Basically the look is achieved by backcombing the hair in sections, the more hair you backcomb the higher the look, brush gently over the surface being careful not to brush the desired effect away and pin at the back.

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Long Hair Wedding Styles

65lEvery bride loves to look amazing on her wedding day. A hairstyle can change your look and enhance it by margins. This is more so true if you have long hair. That is why many women prefer to keep long hair for their wedding because there are so many hairstyles that you can carry off. Some of these long hair wedding styles include:
• Straight – Straighten your hair with a hair straightener as you would normally do. Wear a headband or a super short veil as a style statement. • Ponytail – Brush your hair until it is sleek and smooth. Make a high ponytail and tie them up with a bungee cord. Wrap the bungee cord with sections of your hair and secure it below the elastic using bobby pins.
• Side bun – Part your hair as per your preference. Make a side ponytail and tie them with a bungee cord at the nape. Section your ponytail into two, twist these sections and pin them up close to your scalp. Spray for the perfect look.
Closeup portrait of an attractive woman• Updo – Make a high ponytail. Braid a small section of your hair. Secure with a bungee cord and wrap the braid all over the ponytail base. Use bobby pins to hold the braid in place.
• Half up and half down – This wedding style adds elegance and anybody can pull it off. That goes without saying that whether you have curly hair or straight, this wedding style is for all. Tease your hair by backcombing to add volume at the top of your head. Take the section of hair which is above your ears and secure it using pins such that it creates a dramatic puff at the crown. For the rest of the hair, you can either curl them up or leave them naturally straight as you like it. Use hairspray and add hair accessories.

18l• Vintage curls – Using a curling rod to curl up your hair as much as you want. Pin these curls away from your face and add decorative hair accessories or barrettes. Do not forget to make use of hairspray so that your hairstyle remains as it is for the whole duration of your wedding.
• French Twist – If you want a classic hairstyle for your wedding then there is nothing better than a French twist. All you have to do is stroke your hair up and make a loose French twist. Secure the style with the help of embellished clips and pins. Pull tiny hair sections from the twist. Make chunky waves or ringlets using curling iron.

Best Long Hairstyles

Long hair is an evergreen trend and no matter how many trendy hairstyles get in the way, long hair is always ‘in’. However, it might become difficult to chose a hairstyle if you long hair. There are so many choices around that you would hardly want to let go of anything. However, if there is one guide that can help you sort out the best hairstyles for this year, it is here. Read on know what all you can do with your hair in 2013 and look fresh and trendy all the while.

  • Layers with highlights- This is one trend that suits one and all. You have to use layers that can frame your face appropriately and team them up with some very slim highlights in between. These highlights should be about two tones lighter or darker than your hair. However, if you wish to add some rebellion and vibrant hues, you can chose completely off beat colors like blue, green and violet as well.

Bangs and layerslayers and highlights

  • Layers with Bangs/Fringes- Layers are always great for long hair. But in this style, you should opt for razor edged uneven layers that make you look chic and modern. To make this look perfect, you can ad fringes. Make sure that the fringes are not symmetrical or too thick. They should be longer at the middle of the forehead and shorten slight at the ends so that you get the perfect hairstyle.
  • Front layers with side swept bangs- This is another great haircut if you wish to get a hairstyle that is pretty low maintenance and isn’t very bold. The subtle layers only exist in the front hair and the back portion is streamlined. This makes your face appear longer. Moreover, there are side parted bangs that are swept onto one side. These bangs end gradually at your jaws and frame the shape perfectly for a longer and more proportionate look.

Thick Bangs Side Swept Bangs

  • Waves and thick fringes- This is one hairstyle that suits all longer face cuts. You get straight, voluminous and ultra thick fringes on the forehead. This type the fringes have to be perfectly symmetrical. You simply have to add some waves in the last few inches of your hair and you get a new hairstyle to flaunt. If you hair is already wavy, there is nothing more that you would ask for.
  • Beach Waves- There is an endless demand for waves that look like they have been borrowed by the oceans. However, there is not even a need to go near the water body to get some real spicy and beachy waves. No matter what length your hair is and how it has been cut (except for the fringes) this is the best style to be used. Simply use some styling gel and apply it on your length with hands making a crunching motion. If your hair is naturally a little wavy, this style would come out with ease. Straighter hair would need some hair spray in order to hold the waves. However, in any condition this style is the most desirable style amongst girls.

beach waves beach waves