Long Hair Wedding Styles

65lEvery bride loves to look amazing on her wedding day. A hairstyle can change your look and enhance it by margins. This is more so true if you have long hair. That is why many women prefer to keep long hair for their wedding because there are so many hairstyles that you can carry off. Some of these long hair wedding styles include:
• Straight – Straighten your hair with a hair straightener as you would normally do. Wear a headband or a super short veil as a style statement. • Ponytail – Brush your hair until it is sleek and smooth. Make a high ponytail and tie them up with a bungee cord. Wrap the bungee cord with sections of your hair and secure it below the elastic using bobby pins.
• Side bun – Part your hair as per your preference. Make a side ponytail and tie them with a bungee cord at the nape. Section your ponytail into two, twist these sections and pin them up close to your scalp. Spray for the perfect look.
Closeup portrait of an attractive woman• Updo – Make a high ponytail. Braid a small section of your hair. Secure with a bungee cord and wrap the braid all over the ponytail base. Use bobby pins to hold the braid in place.
• Half up and half down – This wedding style adds elegance and anybody can pull it off. That goes without saying that whether you have curly hair or straight, this wedding style is for all. Tease your hair by backcombing to add volume at the top of your head. Take the section of hair which is above your ears and secure it using pins such that it creates a dramatic puff at the crown. For the rest of the hair, you can either curl them up or leave them naturally straight as you like it. Use hairspray and add hair accessories.

18l• Vintage curls – Using a curling rod to curl up your hair as much as you want. Pin these curls away from your face and add decorative hair accessories or barrettes. Do not forget to make use of hairspray so that your hairstyle remains as it is for the whole duration of your wedding.
• French Twist – If you want a classic hairstyle for your wedding then there is nothing better than a French twist. All you have to do is stroke your hair up and make a loose French twist. Secure the style with the help of embellished clips and pins. Pull tiny hair sections from the twist. Make chunky waves or ringlets using curling iron.

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