Best Hairstyles of all Time

Long hair never goes out of fashion. No matter how many styles enter the hair and beauty scene, there is something about long hair that makes it a favorite among all. You can color it, style it, curl it or straighten it. If you have long hair, chances are that you would have a long list of hairstyles too. Have you ever wondered what the most celebrated long hairstyles of all time are? Browse through and learn more.

  • Fishtail Braid- there is no better way to flaunt your straight, long and strong hair than a fishtail braid. The detailing of this hairstyle is so amazing that it always gets to turn heads. You can either make a low key braid at the back of your neck or go for a high ponytail that converts into a braid. Also, try an angled braid that starts at your forehead and ends below your shoulders.
  • Messy- There is no physiological reasons why guys love this hairstyle, but then the facts never lie. Simply use a salt-water spray or a styling gel and spread it all over your hair. Also, try to lightly press some parts of your hair so that it looks all messed up. Part from the side you normally don’t and see the magic. Kirsten Stewart is in a run for money.
  • Bangs- No more straight long locks. Simply get a few bangs cut on the front portion of your hair and make sure your full forehead is covered. This hairstyle is ideal for women with long hair and a broad forehead. It will give your hair some extra oomph and your face will get an all new look.
  • Swipes and Curls- No heavy duty styling here. Keep it straight and add just a hint of locks in the end. They must appear like little ringlets. Just use a styling brush and a blow dryer along with some hair spray to keep it in place and you are ready for the most svelte and seductive look on the planet.
  • The Ponytail- did we forget to mention how this godly hairstyle was designed only for the long hair you don on your head. Be it curls or straight hair or even some waves towards the end, this is one classic that no woman should miss. It suits everybody and is so easy that instant ramen noodles can get a complex. Also, it makes you look either like a no-nonsense power woman or the happy-go-lucky neighborhood girl. Everything works just fine.

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